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4-note walnut tongue drum


These tongue drums are a modern take on the African slit drum used originally for long distance communication. The design is beautiful, portable and a lot of fun to play either solo or as part of a drum circle or percussion ensemble.

It is made with a solid Peruvian walnut playing surface set into a solid pine cabinet. It offers a more mellow, "tribal" tone than my padauk or oak drums. In addition to the walnut top, there are walnut accent lines inlayed into the solid poplar sides and pine accents on top. It comes with 2 rubber mallets.

This drum measures 15" x 5.5" x 5.5"


This is a perfect gift for the musician or instrument collector in your life! It is truly a beautiful drum that sounds as good as it looks!



Listen to it by clicking here or at t=37s

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