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Jungle Cruise boat


This is a faithfully produced model of one the most iconic Disney ride vehicles ever created. The Jungle Cruise attraction has several variations - depending on which park - and even more boat design varieties - depending on the year. The one in the photos here is just one variation. I've decided to make this item customizable to a degree. When you buy this, you will have the option of hull color and boat name.


The model is made of foam, wood and PLA natural plastic. It is detailed to the finest degree and painted with a realistic weathered finish. It is clear coated to resist fading and comes mounted to a bright blue MDF base.


The model measures 12" long, 5" high and 5 1/2 " wide.

boat name - choose from: Amazon Annie, Congo Connie, Ganges Gertie, Nile Nellie, Orinoco Ida, Sankuru Sadie, Wamba Wanda, custom name

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